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Thanks for the lovely visit, and see you next time!
~ Silvia
I had a wonderful day in Antwerp on Saturday and I am looking forward to future outings.
~ Veronique
Natalie took us on an amazing whirlwind trip through six or so galleries in Ixelles. She picked excellent spots — the art was very conceptual and thought provoking, and there really wasn't a boring moment in the whole trip. The other tour attendees were also fantastic, and we had many great conversations throughout the afternoon. Definitely one of my best days in Belgium so far.
~ Ben
Had a fantastic guide (Natalie) very passionate, (Old masters Collection) I recommend you a tour at the "Museum Fine arts" with Natalie as guide, you won't regret it!
~ Myriam
Natalie is very nice and well organised. we went to the movies and enjoyed a nice drink afterwards. a nice evening.
~ Stephan
Really enjoyed this meetup day trip with so many interesting people.
~ Ilona
I went to see the Steve McCurry exhibition. We met on the steps of the Bourse. Natalie introduced us to this wonderful photographer. It was a very nice experience to do this with an international group of people who share an interest in art and to talk over drinks afterwards.
~ Jo
Thank you for a most enjoyable day today. It was an extremely  interesting exhibition (= visit of the Terracotta Army in Liege) and one which made me want to go and see the real thing! It was also good to meet you and so many interesting people. Thank you too for sending the forthcoming events, some of which I will be very interested in coming to.
~ Anne
I loved the tour (= tour of contemporary art galleries). Just perfect!

~ Elena

Good work you're doing! BRAVO.

~ Maya

Thank you very much for the perfect organisation !!!

~ Peter

It was a great, surprising "Art in the Metro" tour organized by Natalie (thanks again!).

~ Kirsi

Moules frites (not part of the activity ;-)) and a guided tour in the métro to discover some art. Perfect Sunday!

~ Pascale

It was great, thank you for organizing this activity for us!

~ Zoe

Thank you very much for the nice visit on Saturday!

~ Ralitza

​Thanks again for a great visit !

~ Mary

I really enjoyed the guided tour yesterday (at the Vanhaerents Art Collection), it was very impressive and the explanation given was really very interesting. Excellent.

~ Katja

Many thanks for the excellent event.  You found a great guide, he kept us "alert".

~ Mary

Zeer interessant. Vooral de link met Boudewijn I en Saudi-Arabië (at the Horta Lambeaux Pavilion). Grtz.

~ Bart

It was a very interesting afternoon. Thanks a lot, Natalie!

~ Sonja

Great visit and nice afternoon. Thanks Nathalie for organizing all this. I will certainly join again. See you.

~ Olivier

Thanks Natalie, for the nice hidden museum visit and the very nice afternoon ! Ich habe es sehr geschätzt! Bis nächstes Mal tschüss

~ Luc

This was a great activity! Highly recommend it and look forward to the next event!

~ Isabelle

Just had a great visit at the Vicor Horta house! Excellent guide and very well organised by Art for Everyone.

~ Veerle

Een super rondleiding in een fantastisch huis (in the Victor Horta Museum) !

~ Clo

Yesterday was our last painting class. Thank you very much, Natalie, for this wonderful course! I cannot wait for the September courses.

~ Ula

Thanks for the fun! I had a blast.

~ Pim

We enjoyed the lecture a lot.

~ Souad

Really enjoyed the discussions about Jeff Koons as an artist & the way we should see his work.

~ Jeremy

When you have classes with Natalie you leave your world behind you and you enter in her world, made of beauty, tranquility and harmony of form. All with enthusiasm. See you soon Natalie!

~ Sandrina

Such an interesting day with POP-art today. Always a pleasure to study new things. Thanks Natalie, it was the greatest way to spend this Sunday!

~ Kirsi

That was moving. And dazzling, and mesmerizing, and hypnotising, and soothing...😊 Thank you, Natalie!

~ Ula

Natalie is very knowledgeable about various art movements and art history, and gives excellent museum tours. Highly recommended!

~ Joe

For someone like me who likes contemporary art but knows nothing, Natalie is a very good and passionated guide. I'm looking for the next guided tour! :-)

~ Pascale

Thank you for the first classes (contemporary art and painting) - they were both wonderful and I can't wait for the next classes! Your enthusiasm is really contagious. Have a nice weekend!

~ Ula

I had a great time and I am very excited about our next class in 2 weeks.

~ Andreea

Yesterday we had a wonderful tour with Natalie in the exhibition "2050 a brief history of the future" and we'll meet again next month... Thank you Natalie!

~ Thomais

Natalie's guided tours are fun and interactive and will only leave you longing for more. The perfect incentive to learn about art and meet like-minded people. Thank you Natalie and see you next time!

~ Manuela

I enjoyed it (the guided tour) a lot. Thank you for your interesting informations. I look forward in the next guided tour.

~ Paraskevi

Hi Natalie, I really enjoyed today's guided tour and I will surely join the next one! I wish we had more time with you! After you left, Lucian and I stayed for one more hour. I will check your Facebook page. Thank you again and see you next time!

~ Manu

Thanks Natalie for the guided tour. It was very interesting. I'm looking for the next one!

~ Pascale

Natalie is not only very passionate and knowledgeable about art but she is also a wonderful teacher. She shares facts in such an entertaining way that learning becomes easy and fun. Her natural inquisitiveness is reflected in the way she teaches by sharing interesting details and creating a story.

~ Irina

Art is a great way to broaden your view on what's happening around you and Natalie is the best person to take you on that journey. She is passionate, enthusiastic, engaging and most importantly truly knowledgeable on everything to do with art. She is great with everyone, even with kids! My two little girls have truly enjoyed their art sessions with Natalie and her professionalism certainly shines through. So cannot anything but strongly recommend her classes to everyone. 

~ Suvi


I really enjoyed today's tour (in the Royal Museum of Fine Arts) and it was interesting to hear all the stories behind the paintings. Natalie does a wonderful job picking out the interesting bits and making the tour interactive.

~ Ancella



Thank you for (the class) last night Natalie... I thoroughly enjoyed it.

~ Wendy


Really love this site (Art for Everyone on Facebook). Keeps me informed on what's going in the art and gallery world in Brussels. And elsewhere I hope. For anyone with a heart for art.

~ Daan

Natalie organized a guided tour for « Landscapes of Belgium » at the Ixelles Museum. Natalie made us understand the different genres/inspirations that have been created throughout time – until nowadays. It is a total different approach than just looking at art without not really understanding what is behind. Thanks so much for your enthousiasm and for your love of art ! I'll be there for the next one ;-).

~ Fleur

Dear Natalie, it (the drawing lesson) was very interesting and you are a good teacher. See you next Wednesday!

~ Lars

This is a great group (on Facebook) to join for anybody interested in art. Natalie is incredibly enthusiastic about art and knows how to articulate her passion well.

~ Michael


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