Guided tour in the Erasmus House in Anderlecht


The first part of the house was already built in 1455, making it one of the oldest in Brussels. Erasmus lived here for a mere 5 months in 1521 but hey... he did live here.



Our guide Sarah was very knowledgeable and told us a lot of interesting stories.



A copy of the original portrait by Hans Holbein of Erasmus.



A bust of Erasmus (apparently one of the first of a writer in bronze).



An actual letter written by Erasmus (to be fair it seems that he tended to write up to 40 in a day). 



A print of Erasmus by Albrecht Dürer.



his is reportedly Queen Paola's favourite painting in the museum. It depicts the holy family and is indeed incredibly lifelike (especially for the time). 



Almost hidden away in the staircase they also have this little gem by Jacob Jordaens.



This painting shows Saint Jerome, contemplating life (and death).



Besides the art works they have some fabulous period pieces when it comes to furniture. Unfortunately almost none of these pieces have originally been in the house but they do give you a good idea of how the interior could have looked like back then.




The original wallpaper was made of leather.



They also have quite a collection of prints...



... and obviously a lot of beautiful, very precious books.



The garden is a place of peace and tranquillity and open all year round to the public for free. Will be even nicer in a few weeks when the roses here are in full bloom.



And even the garden is adorned with different kinds of (contemporary) art pieces.






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