World Press Photo Awards in Rotterdam


Last weekend at the World Press Photo Awards in Rotterdam (because silly me did not manage to get there when it was on display in Liege (or was it just an excuse to visit Rotterdam again?)).


This contest, which is now one of the most prestigious in the world was started by a group of Dutch photographers in 1955 already and at present travels to more than 100 cities in 45 countries. This year more than 73000 pictures were submitted!! 


The photos are absolutely mesmerizing but of course do not necessarily depict the happiest moment in someone's life (actually they hardly ever do). This man was set on fire after a motorbike exploded next to him. 70% of his body was burned but by miracle he still managed to survive.



The exhibition entails only one room (entrance price therefore at a very reasonable 5,50€) but if you read the text that every photo is equipped with it should keep you busy for a happy hour.



Women in a Muslim country in Africa (I forget which one) during their swimming class. With the full-body swim suit they are able to endulge in their love for water while still adhering to the (supposedly) very strict rules of their religion.



This piece was taken for a long time project during which the photographer visits these two sisters every year during the summer and documents their relationship with each other. I love this wonderfully expressive photo!



Birds flying over land. I'm sure there was more to it but that's all I remember. Deforestation maybe? 



Stunning contrast between a people that still lives according to the rules of their ancestors and the modern structure bring erected behind them. 



Dramatic incident when a man drove into a mass of people, trying to kill as many of them as possible. You still have to admire the photographer for his / her quick reaction.



Looks like a painting but it is not. Crabs under a waterfall.



Apes that are kept as pets in Japan.



Young children racing their horses. Without saddles, barefoot and with little to no protective gear. All this to amuse some tourists.



China is doing well and the wealth among its population is therefore increasing. This implies that more of them are able to afford meat, which results in gigantic meat-packing factories like this one. 




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