Lea Belooussovitch exhibition in Brussels


The Esther Verhaeghe Gallery on Place Chatelain currently shows an exhibition by one of my favourite Belgian artists whom I've been following more or less from the beginning: Lea Belooussovitch (you really write her name like this). Until February 16th.


The works of this young artist (born in 1989) always look quiet happy and pleasant at first sight, mainly because of the vibrant, bright colours that in fact correspond to the original image that she usually finds online or in newspapers.



However, these works generally depict rather shocking images where power is abused, human rights are neglected and you don't really know whether you should look at it or not.



Her technique, working with colour pencils on thick slabs of felt, makes sure that the images get blurred and in fact become unreadable.



But the knowledge that there is something bad going on definitely adds the necessary depth and seriousness to her work.



Lea usually works in series. Here is one about police violence.



She very cleverly managed to erase the victim(s) with the help of Photoshop.She very cleverly managed to erase the victim(s) with the help of Photoshop.



Like this you cannot really tell what's going on but again... the added layer of meaning is there, which makes sure that you'll have a good look at the work.



I think that this might be a new series just because I've never seen it before. It is an authentic text, written by a person on death row. This gentleman has been imprisoned in Texas for 15 years already and still claims that he is innocent. Unfortunately I could not find out when the original letter was written nor whether the prisoner indeed was innocent... or not. Perhaps it's the artist's idea to keep us in the dark and she just wants to make sure that we'll think about it. What if...?




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