Bruegel Exhibition in Vienna


Apparently Vienna is always a good idea during the Christmas season (I agree) and if you can visit a fabulous Breugel (the Elder) exhibition on top of that there is not much that will beat this trip.


Until January 13th. Remember to buy your ticket (with time slot) upfront!


In 2019 it is 450 years ago that the old master died. In the whole world we only have about 40 paintings, 60 drawings and 80 prints that survived until today. A lot of them are very fragile (because of their age and the technique with which they were made) so they certainly don't travel to other museums that often (some never do). Which probably makes this a once in a lifetime opportunity to see so many of them in one spot.



Even his rather small drawings and prints are extremely detailed and precise. You can spend a good long while discovering all the figures and stories in his works. Oh, I would highly recommend the audio guide by the way.



A self portrait 



Small fish being eaten by bigger fish being eaten by even bigger fish... you get the drift.



There is certainly always a lot to see in his creations. They were often used to get a conversation going. (I do wonder what kind of topics people would talk about then). 



Many world landscapes, meaning that they are always seen from above (bird's eye perspective), with a high horizon and that the landscape actually is fictional.




You can also admire many of his incredible paintings in the show. Please excuse my taking pictures from odd angles. Often times this is due to the lighting and / or the crowd that was teeming in front of it. One side here shows the pleasures of Carneval the other the more grim period of fasting. Can you tell which one is which?




This was apparently one of the first depictions of snow... ever!



In fact Bruegel painted 3 versions of the Tower of Babel.



2 of them can be seen in the exhibition. The third one unfortunately was lost. 
Vienna, it was a pleasure as always. See you again next time.




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