A Visit at the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Nice


Here you see the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Nice and this is actually just the staircase but it's so pretty that I decided to photograph it as well. As a bonus you also have a killer view of the city from the rooftop terrace.



Cesar likes to crush things (even as big as cars) to take away their original function and focus on other attributes.



This door by Chinese artist Ai Weiwei is made out of the same marble as the forbidden city. For us a door is a link between two rooms, two worlds, that let's us explore something new. It also protects us from wind and cold and rain (among other things). What if it is locked though, keeping you in, restricting your movements, making you a prisoner? Let's all be thankful for open doors (or ones we have the keys to).



Carl Andre (on the floor... I love the fact that you're allowed / supposed to walk on his works... best to do it with your eyes closed so you get the full acoustic effect) and Sol LeWitt on the left.



Gustav-Adolf Mossa, fascinating details and the power of the female eroticism.



Donald Judd (these are actually not all the same (as is usual for him) but have slightly different measurements).



Niki de Saint Phalle in her beginning years. This is one of her so called shooting paintings. You can still see the pristine white innocence, with which it all began at the rims. She hides bags filled with paint under the surface and then literally shoots them with a rifle so they drip and splatter all over the canvas to create this extremely violent effect. Troublesome.



Alain Jacque (based on the work "Déjeuner sur l'herbe" by Manet.



Arman likes to cut things up to show us their inner beauty... and it works.



Ben (name of the artist). Very big here in Nice. You see his work everywhere (also because he was asked to embellish all the tram stops).



Robert Morris uses very thick felt to achieve this wonderful effect.



Yves Klein. Here painting a model of the Nike of Samothrace in his beautiful, electric blue, which is his calling card.



John Chamberlain



And outside, in front of the museum, you also find a work by Alexander Calder who has forever stolen my heart with his delicate (if actually extremely heavy) mobile constructions.




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