Accessible Art Fair in Brussels


Lucas Cann makes wonderful portraits with a twist.



Katti Borré shows us the skyscape of Buenos Aires here and even though she did change the sky and some other elements a little bit the city itself is actually as you see it.



Bobby Viaud actually worked in the fashion industry in an earlier life and now makes wonderful, very tactile pieces, mostly out of leather.



Suly Bornstein uses found and recycled materials (for instance also her own works on canvas or paper that she does not like that much) to create new works of art.



Star photographer Dirk Lambrechts (he is a star among the photographers but also has a preference of working with stars) here shows us Belgian artist Luc Tuymans.



The works of Mark Thompson at first sight look like gorgeous photographs so it is very intriguing to realize that they are actually paintings when you get closer by.



D13EGO makes humorous graffiti paintings that strongly remind me of the Pop Art style.



Severine Favre Nguyen will in fact always sell you 2 paintings: the one which is painted onto the little, paper boxes and the other one painted on the base that only becomes visible once your remove some or all of the paper boxes on top. Interactive art, my favourite!!



Krzysztof Szczurek works with very soft lighting and thereby creates a mysterious, gentle atmosphere in his photographs.



Jacques Deneef manages to create precious-looking objects while only using recycled materials. Here for instance he cut up plastic bottles into thin stripes and then melted them a bit to achieve the desired effect.


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