A Visit to the Art Galleries in Brussels


I did not manage to visit the new Street Art Temple yesterday (because it only opens again today 😜) but I did manage to visit the Meessens De Clercq Gallery that celebrates its 10th anniversary this year. Happy birthday!


If you leave light sensitive paper kind of scrunched up lying around but you do put some books on top of it (yes, this is the same artist as the "book vault")... this is what you get.



The artist removed the painting (of another person), leaving us to wonder forever how it might have looked like.



When the frame becomes the artwork and you paint it in the colours of the sky at the moment when you created it.



 This is apparently quite typical in France: If books don't get sold the shop owners prefer to destroy them instead of giving them to a second hand shop (Why??). So this artist saved all these books and then put them in a safe place, in her artwork. Now they are protected and you can read the covers... but you can never actually read the books. Happy sad.



Parmiggiani (this is really his name) "paints" with smoke. This here is a painting (in a painting). Love it!



This is not an empty photo! These are actually two real, black diamonds, attached to the wall. Supposed to make you wonder what the heck is going on here, whether they simply forgot to put up the artwork or whether they did not close the screw holes from the last exhibition or... Well, what shall I say? It certainly worked for me.



The artist took a photograph in her atelier (the mountains are in fact printed on the wallpaper) and attaches mirrors to the wall so you can see the inside of the space in them. And then she paints the whole thing.



This one I let you figure out yourself.


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