A Visit at the Museum of Fine Arts in Lyon


Are you still looking for a nice place to visit during this upcoming long weekend? How about Lyon? Beautiful, medieval city with a wonderful Basilica on top of the hill, lots of other superb buildings, great food and nice art.


This is the painting that welcomes you in the entrance hall. By Perugin.



Renoir and his love for the female form.



German Renaissance artist Lucas Cranach.



Look at all the intricate details, for instance in the collar. Impressive!



Veronese painting Bathseba.



Jacob Jordaens painting Mercury and Argos.



Rubens (large-size, of course).



I was absolutely enchanted by this work from Louis Janmot.



Victor Orsel showing Good and Bad, personified by two women.



When I see these kind of little gems I'm always in awe of what we are able to accomplish if we just set our minds to it (and are hugely talented).



Beautiful, large vase from the famous manufacturer Sevres, situated close to Paris.



Incredible Art Nouveau furniture.



A city gate from Old Egypt. If this does not impress you then I don't know what will.



They even have a whole collection of sarcophage.



Starting the modern part of the collection with Leopold Survage.



Georges Braque, who, together with Pablo Picasso, invented the cubist style.



Now this one is actually from Picasso



Jean Dubuffet. Must admit that often times I'm not exactly a fan but this one I liked.



Georges Adilon going abstract.



Another Picasso. Here he is depicting a very classical topic in a very modern way.




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