Impressions from the Accessible Art Fair in Brussels


At the Accessible Art Fair at Bozar. Last day tomorrow (Sunday) if you still want to see it. Definitely worth it!

Apparently these paintings really are experiments with paint and different techniques. But the results are certainly worth the effort.



In fact this is a photograph of a wall. This guy must have an excellent eye for details. Beautiful!



These are triple exposure photos (one for the casino side, one for the fox and one for the chair). I also love the fact that the artist uses entry-level equipment (said his camera cost about 150€). It's all about the skill and not about the price tag (at least sometimes).



In fact simply 4 needles and 2 threats. Very elegant and enchanting in its simplicity.



This artist uses tiny stamps to make her works. And she only uses one specific stamp per work (for instance a letter).



These are in fact old photographic film rolls, folded up and held together with a copper string. But they certainly look like gemstones to me.



Is it a photograph? Is it a painting? Who cares... it's visually pleasing.



The negatives of a photo of light at nighttime. I like!



This artists draws life-like images and then often combines them with parts in plain white paint. They usually excude a sense of calmness and peace to me.




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