Exhibitions in 's Hertogenbosch, in Holland


I went on a little trip to Holland to visit the Noordbrabants and the Stedelijk Museum in 's Hertogenbosch. What a feast for the eyes! We actually went there to see the show "Between lines" of the Japanese artist Chiharu Shiota whom some of you might know from the 2015 Biennale in Venice where she was an absolute sensation.



She worked for 12 days with a team of 10 assistants to transform this space of 130m2 into a magical wonderland. Every red threat (which of course reminds us of blood) is supposed to represent the life of a person who interacts with other people who (literally) cross his / her way... or not. Feels like walking around in a fairy tale.



But they also showed other works from her. In fact the whole exhibition spans the period from 1994 until 2017.



There are actually (a lot of!) keys hidden in this installation.



Yup, she definitely loves the colour red, which in Asia often is a happy colour (for instance brides used to wear a red dress at their wedding) but of course also stands for passion, blood and pain.


Every now and then she will however also use a different colour. Bear in mind though that Asians often link white to a tragic event, like death.



Next show: This Dutch artist, called Bart Hess, explores the body and second skins in various ways.


Foreground: Second skin made of wax. Background: Video of how it came into being. Everything was beautifully presented, very visually appealing and meticulously exercised.



Pins and needles put to a quite different use.



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