Museum of Applied Arts in Budapest


The Museum of Applied Arts in Budapest has a rather nice, versatile collection as well as several temporary exhibitions. But to be absolutely honest: The main reason why I would advise you to go there is the building itself. Oh my, what a beautiful building!!!


They show stately gowns, which aristocratic ladies used to wear to the balls.



This one apparently used to be a wonderful shade of blue but unfortunately the colour has faded over time.



They have full libraries on display.



Beautiful vases and tableware.



I love the crackle effect (= net of fine, deliberate(!) cracks) on this one.



Sometimes I was not sure whether pieces were exhibits or meant for actual usage. But yes, they had several gorgeous, old benches and chairs like this one that you were simply allowed to sit on (not all that comfortable but hey...).



This piece of furniture however was not meant to be used (or touched... no, I did not).



Exquisite, old, highly-detailed clocks.



Oh, these were really cool. They are made with Uranium glass and glow when placed under a certain light. Me like.



Wonderful glassware from Paris (made in 1873).



The next two pieces are toys from China. Really old toys. This dog is from 220 BC. Wow!



This toy horse was made in 618 AD , during the Tang dynasty.



And then, like I mentioned before, there was the building.



And WHAT a building it is.



It seems that it is the third oldest applied arts museum in the world. It was built in the Art Nouveau period (around 1890) but strongly reminds you of Islamic and maybe Hindi design.



Absolutely stunning!! (The outside is equally marvellous but is currently barely visible due to renovations and therefore a lot of scaffoldings).




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