Gallery Nedbalka in Bratislava


Galeria Nedbalka is one of the oldest galleries in Bratislava (even though the building certainly is not). On its four floors it shows a permanent exhibition but also a temporary one. Its main aim is to promote the most important Slavic artists, working from the late 19th century up until today.


The building itself makes us think of the Guggenheim in New York. And also a lot of the works that are presented here reminded me of other artists. However, I do not want to imply that they were simply copying them. It is simply interesting to see how similar they sometimes were



As I unfortunately did not know any of the names I decided not to note them down for you but will merely write what the works remind me of. So here: Impressionism, maybe Monet.



Looks like Renoir.



Don't know why but somehow reminds me of Picasso.



Looks like Leger.



Looks like Chagall.



Looks like cubism.



Looks like Magritte.



Looks like Cezanne.




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