Impressions from the visit of the Eurantica Fine Art Fair in Mechelen


The fun thing is that you actually encounter a variety of different objects. They are all beautiful, most of them are rather old and they certainly are all very precious.


You will even find a stunning old Maserati.


Amazing vases.


Historical sculptures (this one shows David who just slayed Goliath). The original is by Donatello.


But then you also find very modern pieces, like this work by Lucio Fontana.


And also quirky, little things like walking sticks with the most imaginative heads.


In general the decoration is rather impressive and almost manages to transport you back in time.


So pretty.



Tiny worlds created in picture frames. Here a library.


But if you'd rather buy a vintage bag... not a problem.


 These pieces were made 800 b.C. Wow!!


 Some Asian influence.


Some booths are exceedingly full and feel a little claustrophobic...


... while others are rather sparsely decorated and therefore more zen.


But in fact you can buy almost anything here. From a real, stuffed horse's head to a wall lamp in the shape of a cat.


Even the lovers of contemporary art will find a few things to their liking.


But yes, most things impress because of their beauty, delicacy and age.





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