Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles


If you're already in Los Angeles make sure to also pop by at the MOCA (Museum of Contemporary Art) and the newly opened (well, September 2015, that is) Broad Museum, which is free!


A few highlights from the permanent collection at the MOCA. The artist here is John Chamberlain. He used old, deformed car parts to create his works.



Franz Kline, so simple but yet powerful.



Lee Krasner (unfortunately mostly known as the wife of Jackson Pollock).



And here her hubby: Action painting superstar Jackson Pollock.



Then I walked across the street to the Broad Museum. Here some of my favourites from their collection: German artist Anselm Kiefer who was one of the first (Germans) to include the horrors of the Third Reich in his works.




Another German artist: Joseph Beuys (I'm still not exactly a fan but by now there are several of his installations that I do like).



Always fun to look at: Balloon Dog by Jeff Koons.



Forgot who made this but the material is made of the screws of wine bottles, which have been cut open and flattened out. Beautiful relief effect!




Jasper John and his iconic American flag (or at least something that looks like it from afar... so interesting to come closer and start to notice all the irregularities and the simple fact that it is indeed not a flag but a painting thereof).



Chuck Close and his photorealistic portraits.


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