LACMA in Los Angeles


For those amongst you who are seeking light and sun and art... how about a little trip to California, LA to be more precise (they are supposed to hit the 30 degree mark this week still!)?


Their very recognizable lantern installation out front (but don't you think that the deep blue sky is equally mesmerizing?).



The LACMA has a rather vast collection of all the usual suspects. Here: Josef Albers.



An American classic: The Campbell Soup Can by Andy Warhol.



And yes, our Belgian, national treasure is actually here: René Magritte's "Trahison des Images" (better known as: "Ceci n'est pas une pipe").



But they also have other works by the surrealist master.



Amadeo Modigliani... in love every time I see his paintings.



Michelangelo Pistoletto always makes sure to include the viewer into his works. Now is the gentleman looking at himself or at me?



A whole room for Alberto Giacometti.



Barbara Hepworth inspired my thesis back in the days at university. And her works are still mesmerizing! (Really, really wanted to touch it... but didn't!)



More talent from over here: William de Kooning was Dutch.



And as Picasso was a very, VERY productive artist you will find his works in pretty much every modern art museum in the world.



 In fact, several of them.



Besides the LACMA always showcases several temporary exhibitions. Currently they have one called "Renaissance German Art". Were they expecting me? Here Adam and Eve by Dürer. Impressive!



More famous Dürer works: Knight, Death and the Devil.



The wistful Melancholia (one of my favourites!!).



And also the stunning Saint Jerome in his Study.



Lucas Cranach (the Elder): Lucretia (who killed herself after being raped to restore her honour).



Another depiction of Adam and Eve, this time by Lucas Cranach the younger. All in all highly recommendable (if you happen to be around there any time soon).



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