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Impressions from the Affordable Art Fair. Prices vary from 60 - 6000€ ("affordable" is relative, I guess).


Loads of different styles, techniques and topics (some you like, some you don't). Galleries from all over the place. Lots from Belgium and Holland of course, quite some from the UK and France but also, interestingly, several from Japan and Korea.


Beautiful old, neglected buildings (but you can still feel the presence of the glamour this space must have emitted in the days).



Apparently this work is made by heating a liquid on a metal plate with electrodes. Very much reminds me of Impressionism... but from Japan this time.



Korean artist. I've seen this technique on several occasions recently (from various artists... always from Korea though). They role up sheets of thick paper, cut them at irregular length and stick them together in an (often) geometric shape.



I've seen paintings that looked like photographs before. But these are photographs that look like paintings.



This is actually painted on feathers. I've never seen this technique before (but then people apparently used to paint on spider webs too).




They are not real and it's actually not even a liquid. Very zen though.




Sometimes this is where I would like to be (for a little while).



Tintin!! At first I totally didn't see the alluring lady in the window. Based on a painting by Mademoiselle Adams.







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