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If you're already in Paris for the weekend you're going to try to squeeze in as many activities as possible, right? So I finally managed to visit the Fondation Louis Vuitton, which is situated slightly outside of the centre but still within easy reach. Until February 20th 2017 they are showing the wonderful collection of a very courageous, Russian collector named Shchukin (no, I had never heard about him before either) who had a fabulous feeling for modern art and managed to accumulate a lot of works we consider to be classics nowadays.


They also manage to sketch a pretty nice picture of the collector, Shchukin, the times in which he lived, how his situation was different because he was from Moscow and why he was a bit of a loner (he had a rather strong stutter, which made him very self-conscious).



The building was designed by no other than start architect Frank Gehry. Well, it certainly is special.



Please do not make the same mistake as me, wanting to be spontaneous and having to pay for it by queueing in the cold for an hour. And this was NOT the front of the queue yet by far. Pfff... live and learn, I guess.



 But once inside it was all worth it. Monet















 Matisse (Shchukin was a huge fan!)


 Renoir... and many, many more.




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