"Alter Senator" by Willehad Eilers at Harlan Levey Projects until 20.02.2016


It's time again to give you some ideas about the exhibitions that are on display in Brussels right now: At the Harlan Levey Projects they show "Alter Senator" by German artist Willehad Eilers, which is quite humouristic in a way (if you like black humour).


All the artworks are based on the video diary of a drunkard and to make it more realistic you are invited to sample the drink "Alter Senator", which is a wheat-distilled liquor, during your visit of the exhibition.


However, the underlying meaning of the work is to question nowadays society, our urge to be perfect, to perform and to always achieve higher and better aims, whilst leading a healthy, fulfilled, social life, which of course is literally impossible. It wonders what happens to those who crack under the pressure and the things we do to reach our dreams when it becomes clear that we will never be able to actually reach them. Entertaining and funny in a way but also deeply troubling. Well done!





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