Photorealism at the Museum in Ixelles



On Sunday we went to see the absolutely magnificent (I was almost going to write "photo") exhibition at the Museum of Ixelles where they are currently celebrating 50 years of photorealistic paintings.


You will see the works of 34 different artists, most of whom are from the States but there are also some from e.g. Italy and Holland. Absolutely recommendable!! The details, perfection and deception (some of them REALLY look like photographs... even up close!!) will take your breath away.


However, you will have to hurry a bit as it's only on display until September 25th. Or you can go see it in Germany afterwards (it was actually in Estonia before coming to Belgium). Enjoy! We certainly did.


The topics were usually taken from everyday life.



Chuck Close - Selfportrait


And this is what it looks like up close.


To be honest the topic of this work did not exactly sweep me off my feet...


... but the fact that even when my nose almost touched the protective glass it STILL looked like a photograph, absolutely did.


Americans love their cars... especially when they are nice and shiny. What else is new?



Yup, the Italians will focus on the important things in life.



And the Dutch like it simple.


The hard core part of the group who still went for a drink afterwards (and we did NOT choose the café because of the advertisement, I swear).







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