Impressions of "Art on Paper" and the Dalai Lama



Today I went to the second edition of the annual fair "Art on Paper", which is held in collaboration with Bozar. Apparently it did exist before and took place at the White Hotel back then but I was told that the concept was very different.

25 international galleries from France, Holland, the UK and of course Belgium, among others, each display the works of a single artist. Drawing tends to be a rather neglected medium so I'm very happy to see that this is slowly changing.


I did like the first edition already but this one is even better so come and check it out. You've got to hurry a little bit though as it only runs until Sunday.

The security measures were extremely high today with guards checking your bag and clothes when you were coming in and with dogs and military inside the museum. I already started wondering whether I had missed something important when I suddenly realised that apparently there was a conference going on in the same building today and the Dalai Lama was present. Immediately I felt more peaceful and zen.


Drawing by Aleksandra Chaushova, a Bulgarian artist who actually also won the SOFAM prize for the best solo show. Well deserved, I would say. This work is called "The Hunted Hunters".


The artist uses pictures from newspapers and magazines but likes to give them a surrealistic touch (here the people come from a newspaper but were flipped on their side and a few other elements were added to make it more confusing).


This biro drawing is by UK artist Simon Woolham who likes to use memories from his childhood as inspiration for his work. Apparently they had a place in his school where all the old, broken chairs were discarded. He and his friends liked to build whole mountains with them and then climb on top. I guess being an artist requires an adventurous mind.


Close up


Pep Vidal, a Spaniards who has a PhD in physics and seems to be interested in magnetism, even when it comes to his art.


He builds whole (or at least half) continents...


... only using arrows.


Caroline le Méhauté took different volumes of an encyclopaedia and coated them with cement (except for the one on the bottom right, which, figuratively as well as literally, stands out) and soil that she took from a place in Ireland where she stayed during her residence there.


Very much reminds me of Marcel Broodthaers in any case. Which books are these? Why can I not read them? What is their content?... All the knowledge of the world... so close... and yet so far out of reach. I guess that's what you call poetry. Mr Broodthaers would certainly approve.


Sophie Whettnall works with stencils (that have holes punched into them) and spray paint and creates delicate, wonderfully light pieces.


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