Roeland Tweelinckx at the Feizi Gallery


Last weekend I visited several galleries in Brussels again, all of them situated in the same area, close to Avenue Louise, next to the tram stop Abbaye.


The first gallery, Feizi, is currently displaying works by the Belgian artist Roeland Tweelinckx and they are hi-la-ri-ous. Loved them!! The exhibition is called "Duplicats", playing with the question of "What is a copy?" The artist gives new shapes to his objects or uses multiple versions and he does so in a truly creative way.


Thanks to the lovely Celia Buosi who works here as an assistant and who was kind enough to give me a word of explanation and to answer my questions. I'll be back!! This show runs until July 23rd btw.


Apparently this showcase box is not a permanent item in the gallery but the artist especially created it for this show and this space to be able to display his work properly. I was told that he inspected everything very thoroughly before the exhibition and he used several features from the gallery to become parts of his work. Brilliant!!

By the way it seems that he made about 2000 of these biscuits before he was satisfied with the shape, surface and colour. They might look real but they are not.



It might look as if at least part of this work could be a permanent fixture here but that is not the case. If the artist had not given us a hint by slightly changing the shape I might have never known that it's in fact part of the show.



In this spot there usually IS a double socket but the artist took that one out as well and replaced it with one of his own, made out of wood and painted white. Again, if they were not slightly askew one might think that this is actually real (hey, some people need a lot of plugs, e.g. for their computer, printer, scanner, stereo, phone etc.).



These heavy-looking beams are perfect copies (even though the shape of course is not), only that they are not made of metal but of painted wood. Clever!



I also loved this column, especially because the top is actually something that really is always here in the gallery and the artist simply added the lower part.



I'm not sure if I'd immediately recognise this piece as art if it was not displayed in this space. But that almost makes me like it more. The artist uses very common objects, known and familiar to each and every one of us. So you always doubt your senses for a second, also because they look so amazingly convincing.



This work is called "(Always) better when we're together" and I cannot do anything but agree.




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