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Impressions of Art Amsterdam yesterday (yup, you can simply go to Amsterdam for a day... how I love living in Brussels!). Small fair but definitely worthwhile going, plus it's actually quite nice to be able to be done in a reasonable time frame.


In the beginning I was simply drawn in by the striking colours. All kinds of different shades of blue that almost seemed to be glowing. But when I got nearer I noticed an astounding fact: This work is not painted, it's actually sewn, with loads of different layers of fabric. Meticulously executed. By Martin Fenne.

Aaaaaahhhh... one can never have enough pictures of clouds. Many artist (among them also big names, such as Magritte) were inspired by their lightness, instability and tranquility. In fact when I was a kid I wanted to become a sky photographer (we then lived on the 16th floor with the most amazing sunsets). This is an actual photograph btw, no tricks or Photoshop involved. Love it! By Berndnaut Smilde.

Chinese artist Shen Chen, who now lives in New York, must have a lot of patience. This work (if you zoom in you should be able to see it) is made with about 30-40 layers of very wide brush strokes. Chen adds more and more pigments to his solution while working, ensuring the colour to become wonderfully rich in the end and he also always leaves a little bit of space between each brushstroke to ensure a certain lightness. Just magical!

I assume that this work already found a new, happy home as it was all wrapped up and good to go. I'm glad to witness the fact that people are still willing to buy art (hopefully not only for investment purposes), that art is important to them and that they want to embellish their homes with fascinating pieces like this one.

There were some beautiful photographs on display as well. This one is from Linelle Deunk.

But there were also some by the forever fabulous Stephane Vanfleteren. The ones who have seen his show at the Photography Museum in Charleroi last year will know what I am talking about.

Ross Hansen works with colour pencils. He is very precise, extremely realistic and I love the way how he utilises the space on the paper and gives his subject space to breath.

A picture in a picture. By Jan Robert Leegte. It's also very pleasing to the eye (all these calming shades of green and blue)... and more clouds.

A wonderful photograph by Erwin Olaf. It could almost be a painting, it's so poetic and timeless.

Yes, I could have upped the contrast a bit or even overexposed my photo but THIS was actually what it looked like. And I love the fact that you have to take your time with it and when you do you will discover more and more things and shapes and layers (zoom in and I hope you will understand what I'm talking about). By Renie Spoelstra.

Martin Klimas works are simultaneously zen and disruptive, calm and aggressive, passive and active. I want one!

 In a different area (about 5 minutes from the main fair) they had a space for sculptures.

Some quite provocative and disturbing works as well. But hey, art is supposed to make you think sometimes, right?

One of the big names. Belgian artist Jan Fabre. And yes, his works with scarabaei never ceases to impress.


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