Off Course Art Fair Brussels


Impressions from the opening of the Off Course Art Fair right opposite of the central station. Comparatively small but therefore not without appeal.




Description of pictures starts on the top left and end on the bottom right:


I've seen her work before and already liked it then. The images are based on photographs of rather violent scenes, which she diffuses and puts out of focus before drawing them onto a piece of thick, white felt with colour pencils. The result looks stunning and actually quite happy because of the bright colours.


German artist who printed her pullover onto paper (among other things). She apparently likes to work with ordinary, every day materials.


Italian artist who just visually appealed to me (what is it with Italians and being so great at making simple things look beautiful?).


But there were also some darker, more mysterious images.


This was just funny. Reminded me of instructions from Ikea (how to built a house).


This young artist lived in China for a while and got familiar with the right flow there (when it comes to calligraphy). His work is all about movement (which is kind of funny because he currently has one foot in a plaster cast and is therefore anything but mobile). — at OFF Course Young Contemporary ART FAIR.




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