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Impressions of the Independent Art Fair, which comes over from New York and takes place in Brussels for the very first time. It's different from the other fairs happening at the moment because it's actually a curated art fair, meaning the organisers invite the galleries as opposed to the galleries asking to participate.



The description of the pictures start on the top left and ends at the bottom right:


Dunno, this just visually appealed to me.


Carl Andre. I love the fact that you are allowed and even invited to walk over his work of metal plates, which, in a less noisy room, adds a nice acoustic layer to his art. You are also allowed to rearrange the different squares (if you are the owner of the art piece!! so please don't try to do this tomorrow ) in any composition that you like as they are not actually connected to each other.


Interesting piece by a German artist. She uses poems from Emily Dickinson who apparently prefers to use hyphens over the usual punctuation (full stops and commas). The artist then puts several poems on top of each other, erases all the words and records merely the left-over hyphens in her paintings. Fine arts and poetry, all rolled into one.


This artist always works in her own home, taking photographs of things she finds there (yup, I know it looks like a painting but it's actually a photograph). She is very good at seeing things that a lot of other people would miss. In general she is interested in light and the flow of time and likes to work in series. In this work you can actually see the curtains at her place with the light shining through them. Almost poetic.


A stove made out of glass (they also have a bookshelf made out of the same material there).


This art work I liked because it's actually made out of many, many(!) snippets from newspapers stuck on top and next to each other in a very neat way, while creating this portrait in the meantime.




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