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After my guided tour on Saturday (and also because I was already in the right area) I decided to go sniff through a few more galleries.

Directly next door is the Galerie Templon, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. They currently show the Belgian Jan Van Imschoot, who now resides in a small town in France. The exhibition is called "The Judgement of Paris" and as I'm a huge lover of Greek mythology I was immediately drawn in. The director of the gallery was kind enough to give me a bit of her time and show me around.


If you would like to know more about Greek mythology, stay tuned as I will probably offer a course about this in the fall.





A triptych showing the Belgian flag in the background and a drunk Silenus in the foreground, who is cheekily pinched in the butt by his male companion. The artist wants to make us wonder what we are afraid of (homosexuality?), why Belgium is still cut into three parts (and not only because of language issues) and he also wants to make us reconsider our prejudices because of racial issues... among other things.


 The original by famous Belgian artist Rubens, "The drunk Silenus".



 Jan Van Imschoot does not sign his works with his name but with "Judith Collective". With "Judith", who is shown here with the head of Holofernes (who is funnily still having a smoke), he is referring to another figure in Greek mythology. A woman who courageously and (almost) singlehandedly saved her city by tricking and killing the general of the enemy's army (Holofernes). Never underestimate the seductive powers of the female sex! I was told that the lighter paint, gently splattered all over is supposed to remind us of Jackson Pollock.



 Zeus having Argos (the man with 100 eyes) killed to rescue his mistress. Hera, Zeus wife (here holding poor Argos' head... his body is lying on the right) normally puts all of Argos eyes on her favourite bird, the peacock but here she puts them on the body of Jesus (in the middle), on the parts where he has been hurt. — at Galerie Daniel Templon.





Another Belgian flag in "The Judgement of Paris" (the man, not the city), when he has to decide who the most beautiful goddess is, and which Venus, the goddess of love, famously wins by cheating and promising Paris the most beautiful woman on earth, Helena, in return.



  A new interpretation of Rubens "Saturn devouring his son".



 The original (detail).



 But the artist also sometimes seeks inspiration from old still lives.



 And this apparently was a table at his own wedding party.




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