Nuit Blanche in Brussels, Saint-Catherine area


Yesterday at Nuit Blanche in Brussels.


It was the 13th edition of this event, which took place in and around the Saint-Catherine square this year.


About 30 installations and activities, all connected to contemporary art and all free of charge, were spread throughout the heart of the city.


The German artist Jörg Müller built a three metre tall, circular tank, which is lit from below and in which several people (one at a time ;-)) perform a show, always accompanied by music and audio fragments, which gives the whole setting a fairy-tale feel.



The artist "Matter" whom I am quite positive to have already seen at the Bozar a while back, had a video performance of gigantic proportions on display. This time the object that he explored with new computerized techniques is Rodin's "The Thinker". I found it visually very seductive and I also particularly liked the crunchy sounds played together with the video, which reminded me of ice breaking.



In the performance of the French artist Gaetan Rusquet 3 people continuously erect and destroy building-like constructions. The elements they use are made of styrofoam, in the shape of thick books.


Here 3 artist from Vienna (T. Hochkogler, M. Grill and S. Nemeth) erected a very poetic installation, called "Cocoonista". To me the wire construction above looked like a brain, the part below being what we see (in this case some trees in the woods) and the fast changing lights rushing along the different wires representing the neural connections we make when thinking, associating and dreaming. I could be totally wrong, of course.



This installation by the Swiss artist "Zimoun" is in fact a rather simple construction mainly made of beams of wood but the sound this piece of art creates and the whole visual image is strangely soothing and wonderfully relaxing.




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